Australia needs more Anime Movies released

Hey all! 
After watching Yugioh at the movies last week it made me think. 

Why is it so hard to get Japanese movies out of Japan and into other countries? 

Is it licensing? 

Is it cost?

I think it’s more because we are not demanding it enough. 

When Dragon Ball Z movies was released at a small local cinema in Melbourne by Mad Man the demand was amazing! 

I also saw this demand for the live action Attack On Titan movies when that released. 

With the release of SAO Ordinal Scale in March,  it begs the question,  why don’t we have more of this. 

Your name? 

One of the biggest anime films, voted for an Oscar. 

Still not released outside of Japan in cinema’s. 
As a community we need to rise up and pose the question. 

Anime lab? Crunchyroll? Funimation? 

Who will answer our call? 

See you later!
Jā matane


Which is better? Anime, Manga or Light Novel? 

I am back! 

2 months out so I might be a little rusty though let’s see how we go! 
Iv been on a journey with these mediums overs the last 5 years. 

First it was dubbed anime, easy to binge watch and obviously in the native tounge. 

Then when I was out of those subbed Anime. 

Then Manga,  and finally light novels.

So what is a better medium for getting involved. 

Well ofcourse everything is not in all formats so check myanimelist or Wikipedia to see what platforms you have to enjoy things. 

It depends on when you want to get in on your series. 

The general flow is light novel, Manga then anime. 

Some jump around and become manga later like Sword Art Online. 

Imagination is key in both Light Novel and Manga as your only get some stimulation from the frames or manga panels, so you need to fill in the rest. 

Anime depicts the story as per what the director thinks and don’t get me wrong I have never seen a badly directed anime! (I have not seen all anime) 

I prefer Light Novel and Anime as I can imagine the missing parts and gives me a sense of involvement. 

Whats your favourite? 

Currently reading light novel: My Shield Hero

Currently reading Manga: Tokyo Ghoul Re: (again),  plus current serialisation like Fuuka and Btoom. 

See you later!
Jā matane

Pokemon Go Plus Grinding

So this is the long awaited and hard to secure Pokemon Go Plus. 

Had to preorder around 2 months ago with EB Games Australia to get this back boy. 

So thoughts:

Concept great, happy it tracks steps,  great companion which helps with battery life,  you are also more social now due to not having your phone out 24/7.

Problem is its pretty buggy to connect. I can deal with all the other things with Pokemon Go though this takes the cake. 

First finding the thing is hard on the app once you click the button. After that it must vibrate. I have found a 70/30 percent chance of connecting first time, otherwise have fun with turning off the Bluetooth, force closing the app and forgetting the Bluetooth connection and starting again! 

Ok rant over. 

Saying that when its working it is pretty amazing,  in CBD Melbourne this thing does not stop flashing and vibrating which means it looks like I need to touch my wrist every 20 seconds. Meh who cares what people think aslong as I am levelling. 

Results are pretty amazing with the rate of Pidgey, Ratatta and spearow captures through the roof. 

Interesting note is that spawn rates of particular pokemon got a mass increase. Interesting as I have caught alot of Pokemon I only had 1 of and now I have 7 or so,  Kangaskhan is the most prevalent. 

Since getting the go I have jumped back into full play mode again after a few months of half ass playing. 

Now on 24, almost 25 and Pokedex is pretty healthy. I haven’t visited nests or anything,  all my play is during my normal daily activities. 

Overall this is a great addition if you play hard though still want to actually talk to people. My wife is so happy I am not glued to my phone now! 

Hope this helps!

My 20th year playing Pokemon

So here it is. 

My 20th year of playing and watching Pokemon. 

I can say we all have experienced alot of different things through out  this journey. 

Graphic improvements, new Pokemon, new lands to explore. 

It all boils down to one thing. 

Catching them all. 

Its hard not to go into this game without knowledge of it due to social media and the data digging we can do into code,  so I have done the best I can to avoid it and play this fresh. 

Yes I have played the demo and to be honest I was alittle underwhelmed, hopefully I am proven wrong and this game lives up to my 6 year old hopes and dreams. 

So time to go to work and grind out Generation and another land. 

I am choosing fire starter to honour my old mate Charmander. 

Time to catch them all! 

Pokemon GO 1 Week Later: Tips!

Well what a week we have had!

Dead bodies, Stabbings, Police Announcements as well as Companies Like Virgin Mobile Australia, Collingwood Football Club and even my future wedding venue Summerfields Country House all getting involved in the shenanigans.

So what have we learnt?

TIp 1: Lucky Eggs are life! Yes that’s right best to get yourself half a dozen to make sure we are earning as much XP as much as possible.

Tip 2: Find friends of the same colour and band together to take down the gyms. Unlike Kirito in SAO we can not solo play, so band together as the more CP the better!

Tip 3: Don’t waste your stardust early. Like the cosmos itself its hard to get and easy to lose yourself in, Stockpiling and smart use is the best thing to do.

Current Level: 19
Top Pokemon: Jolteon CP 1028
Gyms: 0

See you later!
Jā matane

App Review: Pokemon GO for IOS & Android

Ok, so this one of the biggest Pop Culture apps to be released on mobile of all time!

So Niantic & Pokemon Company have just released Pokemon Go into the Japanese, Australian, New Zealand and finally to the USA.

It was a very soft launch with very little hype. To be honest i only saw it as one of the guys i speak to in my anime group on facebook let me know, the rest is history.

So for those who have been living under a rock for the past year or so, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality GPS based game which Pokemon are loaded into the world map. Its your job to go out and find these Pokemon and complete Professor Willow’s dream.

So I am not going to give much away is it is a must to go and download this and play this game.

So here is the basics!

You pick your team and your Kanto Starter (Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander). Your team consists of three colour which are nostalgically Red, Blue and Yellow.

Strength is determined by CP or Combat Points, you can level up your Pokemon by going to Gyms run by different teams, catching more Pokemon, going to pokestops or even hatching an egg.

Augmented Reality works by using your camera and the Pokemon are placed in the screen in the direction the Pokemon was on the map, so not always in front of you.

Pokemon is a free game, though you can buy PokeCoin’s and purchase items, these are in-game Google Play Or App Store purchase so be careful.

The higher the level you are the more stronger Pokemon will appear. It’ll also make it more difficult to catch.

There are many things to be discovered and released. 

My tips:

1. Grind to level 5 and keep catching Pokemon. 

2. Use items to your advantage. 

3. Focus on hatching eggs to gain XP. 

4. Level up multiple Pokemon don’t just power up one! 

Here is where you can download it! 



See you later!
Jā matane

Too long between posts: Manga Recommendations


Hello everyone!

Its been a long time between posts! It’s been about 4 months so sorry for the wait!

Iv been busying planing my wedding and moving into my first home!

So what do i have for you all?

Manga suggestions!

So here are a few who have me waiting month on month for new releases!


Author: Miura Tsuina

The human race is faced with a new fear. Humans that can’t die? Demi Humans or Ajins have recently been discovered and dealt with through out the world’s governments though Japan is going to have a crisis on its hands!

Enthralling and action packed. Art is amazing . The first season is on Netflix and is worth watching though it will force you to the Manga for more!

The Rising Of The Shield Hero


Author: Aneko Yusagi

After being summoned to a different world 5 player take on the role of hero. Taking on different roles like sword etc one participant doesn’t want to be a part of it and works against the flow. He is not your typical hero though I am drawn to the way he is depicted.

With a random bunch of followers and being eternally hated he goes forth to fulfil his wishes.

Art is great and story is glorious!

Darwin’s Game



What can I say about this manga?

This needs! I say needs an anime!

This reminds me of Manga like Real Account,  same premises though the way the story is told. A mobile game app gives real power to the player and lets just say they are playing for keeps!

Character development is big without diluting story and art is great!

This will be a hit!

That’s all from me!

Till next time!

See you later!
Jā matane