Movie Thoughts DBZ and Attack On Titan


Release: Summer 2015
Country: Australia
Language: English Dub

Thoughts: OK, so being a 90’s kid I was brought up on Dragon Ball Z and went back to watch Drangon Ball. So to have the second movie of this franchise realeased in such quick succession of Battle Of The Gods, I was considering myself pretty lucky.

Battle scenes where very well animated where you still get nostalgia of watching a huge double episode like we use to back in Australia on the weekend.

Considering they did the story in 90 mins there was not a lot of substance though enough to satisfy the adult side of my brain.

A MUST SEE for all DBZ fans.


Release: Summer 2015
Country: Australia
Language: Japanese with English Sub

Thoughts: What can I say about one of the best anime’s of the last 3 years being made into a Live Action.

Safe to say I was super excited to see this one and had it all planned out in my head on how it will pan out.

To be honest it would have been best if you had never seen or heard of Attack On Titan before.

In it’s own right it was well done for a live action though please do not expect a huge budget for this production so some effects etc are not movie quality.

Part Two comes out in October and now knowing what I know I will go in with a different attitude.

Keep a blank mind on this one when you watch and make sure you understand what it is before you judge.

Ja mata ne!
See you later!