Too long between posts: Manga Recommendations


Hello everyone!

Its been a long time between posts! It’s been about 4 months so sorry for the wait!

Iv been busying planing my wedding and moving into my first home!

So what do i have for you all?

Manga suggestions!

So here are a few who have me waiting month on month for new releases!


Author: Miura Tsuina

The human race is faced with a new fear. Humans that can’t die? Demi Humans or Ajins have recently been discovered and dealt with through out the world’s governments though Japan is going to have a crisis on its hands!

Enthralling and action packed. Art is amazing . The first season is on Netflix and is worth watching though it will force you to the Manga for more!

The Rising Of The Shield Hero


Author: Aneko Yusagi

After being summoned to a different world 5 player take on the role of hero. Taking on different roles like sword etc one participant doesn’t want to be a part of it and works against the flow. He is not your typical hero though I am drawn to the way he is depicted.

With a random bunch of followers and being eternally hated he goes forth to fulfil his wishes.

Art is great and story is glorious!

Darwin’s Game



What can I say about this manga?

This needs! I say needs an anime!

This reminds me of Manga like Real Account,  same premises though the way the story is told. A mobile game app gives real power to the player and lets just say they are playing for keeps!

Character development is big without diluting story and art is great!

This will be a hit!

That’s all from me!

Till next time!

See you later!
Jā matane

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