My 20th year playing Pokemon

So here it is. 

My 20th year of playing and watching Pokemon. 

I can say we all have experienced alot of different things through out  this journey. 

Graphic improvements, new Pokemon, new lands to explore. 

It all boils down to one thing. 

Catching them all. 

Its hard not to go into this game without knowledge of it due to social media and the data digging we can do into code,  so I have done the best I can to avoid it and play this fresh. 

Yes I have played the demo and to be honest I was alittle underwhelmed, hopefully I am proven wrong and this game lives up to my 6 year old hopes and dreams. 

So time to go to work and grind out Generation and another land. 

I am choosing fire starter to honour my old mate Charmander. 

Time to catch them all! 

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