Pokemon Go Plus Grinding

So this is the long awaited and hard to secure Pokemon Go Plus. 

Had to preorder around 2 months ago with EB Games Australia to get this back boy. 

So thoughts:

Concept great, happy it tracks steps,  great companion which helps with battery life,  you are also more social now due to not having your phone out 24/7.

Problem is its pretty buggy to connect. I can deal with all the other things with Pokemon Go though this takes the cake. 

First finding the thing is hard on the app once you click the button. After that it must vibrate. I have found a 70/30 percent chance of connecting first time, otherwise have fun with turning off the Bluetooth, force closing the app and forgetting the Bluetooth connection and starting again! 

Ok rant over. 

Saying that when its working it is pretty amazing,  in CBD Melbourne this thing does not stop flashing and vibrating which means it looks like I need to touch my wrist every 20 seconds. Meh who cares what people think aslong as I am levelling. 

Results are pretty amazing with the rate of Pidgey, Ratatta and spearow captures through the roof. 

Interesting note is that spawn rates of particular pokemon got a mass increase. Interesting as I have caught alot of Pokemon I only had 1 of and now I have 7 or so,  Kangaskhan is the most prevalent. 

Since getting the go I have jumped back into full play mode again after a few months of half ass playing. 

Now on 24, almost 25 and Pokedex is pretty healthy. I haven’t visited nests or anything,  all my play is during my normal daily activities. 

Overall this is a great addition if you play hard though still want to actually talk to people. My wife is so happy I am not glued to my phone now! 

Hope this helps!

Pokemon GO 1 Week Later: Tips!

Well what a week we have had!

Dead bodies, Stabbings, Police Announcements as well as Companies Like Virgin Mobile Australia, Collingwood Football Club and even my future wedding venue Summerfields Country House all getting involved in the shenanigans.

So what have we learnt?

TIp 1: Lucky Eggs are life! Yes that’s right best to get yourself half a dozen to make sure we are earning as much XP as much as possible.

Tip 2: Find friends of the same colour and band together to take down the gyms. Unlike Kirito in SAO we can not solo play, so band together as the more CP the better!

Tip 3: Don’t waste your stardust early. Like the cosmos itself its hard to get and easy to lose yourself in, Stockpiling and smart use is the best thing to do.

Current Level: 19
Top Pokemon: Jolteon CP 1028
Gyms: 0

See you later!
Jā matane

App Review: Pokemon GO for IOS & Android

Ok, so this one of the biggest Pop Culture apps to be released on mobile of all time!

So Niantic & Pokemon Company have just released Pokemon Go into the Japanese, Australian, New Zealand and finally to the USA.

It was a very soft launch with very little hype. To be honest i only saw it as one of the guys i speak to in my anime group on facebook let me know, the rest is history.

So for those who have been living under a rock for the past year or so, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality GPS based game which Pokemon are loaded into the world map. Its your job to go out and find these Pokemon and complete Professor Willow’s dream.

So I am not going to give much away is it is a must to go and download this and play this game.

So here is the basics!

You pick your team and your Kanto Starter (Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander). Your team consists of three colour which are nostalgically Red, Blue and Yellow.

Strength is determined by CP or Combat Points, you can level up your Pokemon by going to Gyms run by different teams, catching more Pokemon, going to pokestops or even hatching an egg.

Augmented Reality works by using your camera and the Pokemon are placed in the screen in the direction the Pokemon was on the map, so not always in front of you.

Pokemon is a free game, though you can buy PokeCoin’s and purchase items, these are in-game Google Play Or App Store purchase so be careful.

The higher the level you are the more stronger Pokemon will appear. It’ll also make it more difficult to catch.

There are many things to be discovered and released. 

My tips:

1. Grind to level 5 and keep catching Pokemon. 

2. Use items to your advantage. 

3. Focus on hatching eggs to gain XP. 

4. Level up multiple Pokemon don’t just power up one! 

Here is where you can download it! 

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticlabs.pokemongo&hl=en

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/pokemon-go/id1094591345?mt=8

See you later!
Jā matane

Pokemon TCG: Best Way To Get Cards


This Blog post is all about the different ways to get Pokémon Cards and costs and benefits!

Here we go!

Booster Packs & Boxes
So this one is pretty self explanatory.
You can buy single packs of different Pokémon cards or buy a box instead.

Normally boxes work out cheaper, in Australia its about $150-$169 for a box.
Booster packs go for $5-6 depending where you get them and some do deals for 4 or more.

This is pretty random and not the best way to go to get particular cards.

TCG Card Shops or Hobby Shops
This is more common in America as far as I am aware, though in Melbourne Australia only one shop I have found sells individual cards to help build decks.

Good Games in Melbourne has this service and has a large stock from Basic cards to EX cards.

Prices vary though a great way to build a deck of particular cards.

Trading Between Friends

Seems a pretty obvious thing though its pretty common for most to overlook this process.

Don’t need to tell you about this I guess?

eBay, Gumtree etc
This is a common way for people to acquire cards.

I have done this method myself and found as long as you do your research you are pretty safe in this method.

Obviously you can’t win them all and things happen though for me, its perfect. A lot of the cards I want are overseas so how would I get them any other way.

Iv used two providers based in Australia for now. Leave a comment if you want their details!

There are probably a heap more you could use.

Good luck building your decks guys!

Ja mata ne!
See you later!

Pokémon TCG: My First Competitive Match


OK, so here is a run down really quick of how I got to where I am now:
1. Bought the Cards
2. Played the Online Pokémon TCG game
3.Built my deck

First Match


OK so this is where my first competitive game is, Next Level Games in Dandenong in Victoria, Australia.

Next Level Games is a group of shops around Melbourne, Australia serving many different table top games.

They have all there offerings on the calendar on there website which is below.


I will running a mixed deck with 4 EX cards and an array of basic Pokémon and Stage 2 Pokémon.



Day was a little disappointing as there were not many players at all.

Good thing I had a mate there.
Great to get back to Pokémon Cards after 15 years!

More to come!

Ja mata ne!
See you later!

Pokémon TCG: Building My Deck


So, this is the hardest thing i have done since I last beat the elite four and got all my Pokémon to level 100….
(Nerd Daydream)

This is both strategy and luck.

So here is a break down of the cards that build your deck.

You start off with Basic Pokémon cards and then just like the game you can evolve them.


So with Vulpix, you see a lot of different writing on the card like:
HP, Weakness, Attack and Retreat.

These are pretty simple as its written on the card.

Trainer Cards
There are Supporter, Item and Stadium.


As you can see, all trainer cards have writing on them. They can range from drawing cards, healing Pokémon to boosting certain Pokémon types.

Energy Cards
Energy cards are needed in the game to power up your Pokémon, of course there are different types of energy just like there is different types of Pokémon.


Again match the Pokémon Type with the energy card and your halfway there. The other energy is white colourless energy. They can be any energy card you want.

Example Below:


Groudon needs 3 ground energy cards and 1 colourless energy card. So if I put 3 ground and 1 fire, that would be ok.

EX Cards
Ex Cards are the most powerful in the game and are normal basic cards. Which means you can put and Charizard Ex without evolving it from Charmander.

They are super cool and super tough.
Here is the four in my deck.


Well that’s it for today guys!

I am off to prepare for my first Competition ☺

Ja mata ne!
See you later!

Pokemon TCG: Bought My First Cards


OK the story so far!
I want to get into competitive pokemon and since I am OK with game and not so good with IV training and Breeding iv decided to give TCG a go.

OK so I bought the following:
1 x Primal Clash Trainers Box containing x Primal Clash booster packs, Energy Pack, Damage Dice and damage counters=

5 x Roaring Skies booster packs

1 x Chespin Deck box (YOLO)

Total: $101

OK, so what do we do next.


Well I went straight onto Pokémon TCG online to learn the game mechanics. With the booster packs you get redeem codes for the online platform. Pretty simple.

After that you have some thinking to do. What type of deck do you want, what do you want to have as your supporters, trainers and items. I am still thinking this all over.


Now I will not lie. Competition TCG is intensely costly. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Probably the best thing is to make a budget to get your deck, and then organise a how you are going to but booster packs. In bulk is how most people do it due to small discount.

I’ll let you guys now how I set my deck up and when I am entering my first tournament.

Just don’t tell my fiancée how much money I am spending hehe.

Well then!

Ja mata ne!
See you later!

Pokémon TCG: Learn with me!


Pokémon Trading Card Game or TCG for short is a card based battle game, the aim is to knock out the opponents cards, earn 6 prize cards before your prize cards fall.

Pretty simple right?!


Now, as a Pokémon fan I have of course owned these cards at one point or two in my life. Right now I have a collection of Pokémon Starter cards from all regions.

As a lot of people I don’t want to just play solo and would like to branch out into competitive Pokémon, though I suck at breeding and IV training, so I though why not go into Pokémon TCG.

It combines luck, good deck building and running the right stratergy.

Today I am buying my first competitive deck and in these next few blog post will go through my progress and some how to’s and tips!

Wish me luck!

Ja mata ne!
See you later!