Pokemon GO 1 Week Later: Tips!

Well what a week we have had!

Dead bodies, Stabbings, Police Announcements as well as Companies Like Virgin Mobile Australia, Collingwood Football Club and even my future wedding venue Summerfields Country House all getting involved in the shenanigans.

So what have we learnt?

TIp 1: Lucky Eggs are life! Yes that’s right best to get yourself half a dozen to make sure we are earning as much XP as much as possible.

Tip 2: Find friends of the same colour and band together to take down the gyms. Unlike Kirito in SAO we can not solo play, so band together as the more CP the better!

Tip 3: Don’t waste your stardust early. Like the cosmos itself its hard to get and easy to lose yourself in, Stockpiling and smart use is the best thing to do.

Current Level: 19
Top Pokemon: Jolteon CP 1028
Gyms: 0

See you later!
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App Review: Pokemon GO for IOS & Android

Ok, so this one of the biggest Pop Culture apps to be released on mobile of all time!

So Niantic & Pokemon Company have just released Pokemon Go into the Japanese, Australian, New Zealand and finally to the USA.

It was a very soft launch with very little hype. To be honest i only saw it as one of the guys i speak to in my anime group on facebook let me know, the rest is history.

So for those who have been living under a rock for the past year or so, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality GPS based game which Pokemon are loaded into the world map. Its your job to go out and find these Pokemon and complete Professor Willow’s dream.

So I am not going to give much away is it is a must to go and download this and play this game.

So here is the basics!

You pick your team and your Kanto Starter (Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander). Your team consists of three colour which are nostalgically Red, Blue and Yellow.

Strength is determined by CP or Combat Points, you can level up your Pokemon by going to Gyms run by different teams, catching more Pokemon, going to pokestops or even hatching an egg.

Augmented Reality works by using your camera and the Pokemon are placed in the screen in the direction the Pokemon was on the map, so not always in front of you.

Pokemon is a free game, though you can buy PokeCoin’s and purchase items, these are in-game Google Play Or App Store purchase so be careful.

The higher the level you are the more stronger Pokemon will appear. It’ll also make it more difficult to catch.

There are many things to be discovered and released. 

My tips:

1. Grind to level 5 and keep catching Pokemon. 

2. Use items to your advantage. 

3. Focus on hatching eggs to gain XP. 

4. Level up multiple Pokemon don’t just power up one! 

Here is where you can download it! 

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticlabs.pokemongo&hl=en

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/pokemon-go/id1094591345?mt=8

See you later!
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Nikko, Japan: Our Experience & Tips


Nikko, Japan

Population:  90,701

Wow how quick time flies. I have blogged about 4 locations in Japan myself and my fiancée have travelled and now we are on the last one. Nikko at the time we travelled was a far cry from its summer crowd. It was quiet and cold with snow covering the mountains and most places closed. So for this blog I will tell you the two places we travelled and some awesome locations for the summer.

There are two train lines in Nikko. One JR line and a privatised line which services further east of Nikko and its region.

There are many tourist buses in Nikko going to different parts of Nikko’s surroundings from World Heritage areas to Hot Springs. Be aware Nikko’s tourist buses charge differently and your best to get a bus pass from the Nikko Train Station (Non JR Station).


Nikko Towncentre
Nikko Town Centre was a typical tourist centre, alot of food and gift shops. As I have said earlier we didnt get to go in season which would have mean Nikko was in full swing. Saying that, it did not stop people comming day after day and kept the lines at the bus stop nice and long.


World Heritage Bus Route
Nikko’s buses are the best way to view the area. We got an english guide from Nikko Station which put us in great stead. There is A LOT to do on those buses and its not the fastest thing in the world meaning you would probably need to go through and pick what is most important to you!

Shrines and Hot Springs
There we a lot of cool shrines around Nikko and its surrounding area aswell as hot springs and lakes. The maps you can get of the bus route lists out really cool places to go and how long it will be to get there. Plan your time wisely as there is alot to see and do in the right months!


Food was plentiful and fresh! Nikko was the first time we had gone into a major grocery chain in Japan and were blown away by the variety and prices which were available. We also had to stop off at a Chemist due to myself catching a fever during our stay at Nikko.

I would have loved to spend more time in Nikko though we had to get back to Tokyo to fly out!

That concludes my Japan Travel Blog, Thank you for coming along on the ride with me. I cant wait to get back to Japan and keep exploring a country I love!

Going to branch out abit in my next blog!

Look forward to you reading my work!

Ja mata ne!
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Hiroshima, Japan: Our Experience and Tips


Hiroshima, Japan


Population: 1,174,000

Hiroshima Japan, this is an amazing place with a lot of history. Anyone who participated in the WWII, on either side, knows what’s has happened to Hiroshima. One of the two places USA dropped the newly created A-Bomb or Atomic Bomb. To be in that city was by far amazing.

We spent two nights in this beautiful city and we didn’t even scratch the surface!

Hiroshima JR station is the main in and out. It is central to all other things in Hiroshima, tram is out the front. As per most major stops in Japan, it has a major mall combining food, clothes and other goods.

We used mostly trams in this location. It’s cheap and easy to use. Pass are available at Hiroshima station. You can get a tram map to the lines in English at the station.

Didn’t use this type of transport at all.

A Dome

Awe inspiring structure. After all the things that it has been through it is still standing. The whole area is amazing. We were in Hiroshima during the restoration check, where they check the dome to make sure the structure is secure. There is the beautiful river to take walk by, information on the war in English right next to the A Dome, with plenty of other things to do in walking distance.


Ground Zero

Not much to look at really. A plaque and a busy intersection. If you can use your imagination, it is a magical experience seeing and feeling what has happened and to see how it regrows! It hard to imagine this was the ground zero for the Hiroshima Bombings carried out the Americans.


Hiroshima History Museum

This was one of the most confronting museums I have ever been to. To see a the photos,accounts and all the data on who, what, when, where and why this all happened. It is a must if you’re in Hiroshima. You can get English-speaking tour headset and an English tour book.


Miyajima Island

What an amazing place. The beauty, history, culture and religious nature of this majestic island took my breath away. We got there by free ferry as we had a JR Pass, otherwise you can pay around 500 yen to cross over. During the ferry across to Miyajima Island you catch your first glimpse at the Floating Torri Gate. Then the five-story pagoda behind it is also amazing. Seafood is a must try on the island as it is well known for oysters.


Plan where your going
This really help us with our trip in general. You need to have a fair idea of where you are going as you can plan around it.

Get all the English maps!

You will thank yourself after. Most people have can’t read Kanji (Working on it) so having maps in English will give you a huge advantage to your trip.

Go to see a Baseball game
People in Hiroshima love and I mean LOVE their baseball team. It is everywhere! 7Eleven, restaurants, pubs, and even sewer caps haha!

Hiroshima is a beautiful place. We didn’t see a huge amount of the city due to time constraints. There are plenty of Shrines and Temples to see, so get out and explore the city and get to a Baseball match as even for a man who doesn’t really like baseball, you will be taken over by the atmosphere of the place!

Ja mata ne!
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