Australia needs more Anime Movies released

Hey all! 
After watching Yugioh at the movies last week it made me think. 

Why is it so hard to get Japanese movies out of Japan and into other countries? 

Is it licensing? 

Is it cost?

I think it’s more because we are not demanding it enough. 

When Dragon Ball Z movies was released at a small local cinema in Melbourne by Mad Man the demand was amazing! 

I also saw this demand for the live action Attack On Titan movies when that released. 

With the release of SAO Ordinal Scale in March,  it begs the question,  why don’t we have more of this. 

Your name? 

One of the biggest anime films, voted for an Oscar. 

Still not released outside of Japan in cinema’s. 
As a community we need to rise up and pose the question. 

Anime lab? Crunchyroll? Funimation? 

Who will answer our call? 

See you later!
Jā matane

Which is better? Anime, Manga or Light Novel? 

I am back! 

2 months out so I might be a little rusty though let’s see how we go! 
Iv been on a journey with these mediums overs the last 5 years. 

First it was dubbed anime, easy to binge watch and obviously in the native tounge. 

Then when I was out of those subbed Anime. 

Then Manga,  and finally light novels.

So what is a better medium for getting involved. 

Well ofcourse everything is not in all formats so check myanimelist or Wikipedia to see what platforms you have to enjoy things. 

It depends on when you want to get in on your series. 

The general flow is light novel, Manga then anime. 

Some jump around and become manga later like Sword Art Online. 

Imagination is key in both Light Novel and Manga as your only get some stimulation from the frames or manga panels, so you need to fill in the rest. 

Anime depicts the story as per what the director thinks and don’t get me wrong I have never seen a badly directed anime! (I have not seen all anime) 

I prefer Light Novel and Anime as I can imagine the missing parts and gives me a sense of involvement. 

Whats your favourite? 

Currently reading light novel: My Shield Hero

Currently reading Manga: Tokyo Ghoul Re: (again),  plus current serialisation like Fuuka and Btoom. 

See you later!
Jā matane

Too long between posts: Manga Recommendations


Hello everyone!

Its been a long time between posts! It’s been about 4 months so sorry for the wait!

Iv been busying planing my wedding and moving into my first home!

So what do i have for you all?

Manga suggestions!

So here are a few who have me waiting month on month for new releases!


Author: Miura Tsuina

The human race is faced with a new fear. Humans that can’t die? Demi Humans or Ajins have recently been discovered and dealt with through out the world’s governments though Japan is going to have a crisis on its hands!

Enthralling and action packed. Art is amazing . The first season is on Netflix and is worth watching though it will force you to the Manga for more!

The Rising Of The Shield Hero


Author: Aneko Yusagi

After being summoned to a different world 5 player take on the role of hero. Taking on different roles like sword etc one participant doesn’t want to be a part of it and works against the flow. He is not your typical hero though I am drawn to the way he is depicted.

With a random bunch of followers and being eternally hated he goes forth to fulfil his wishes.

Art is great and story is glorious!

Darwin’s Game



What can I say about this manga?

This needs! I say needs an anime!

This reminds me of Manga like Real Account,  same premises though the way the story is told. A mobile game app gives real power to the player and lets just say they are playing for keeps!

Character development is big without diluting story and art is great!

This will be a hit!

That’s all from me!

Till next time!

See you later!
Jā matane

Anime Thoughts: Noragami


Noragami is a supernatural, fantasy manga based on the Japanese gods.

Opening of Season 1 and 2 of the anime have great music to you pumped for the episode as 24 mins is not enough!

Great character development of the mains characters with evolving stories without the feeling of its to much of a filler.

Currently in its second season.

I am about to go through the manga on the commute to and from work on the train.

In closing great watch. Chain watch the first season as it’ll make more sense if you watch the first.

Ps. Il try and post a bit more regularly as I’ve been very slack.  Thank you for all who have been reading the past 2 months!

See you later!
Jā matane

Anime Thoughts: Eureka Seven


Genre: Shonen
Year: 2005
Plot: We follow Renton Thurston who father was a famous military researchers who once saved the world at the cost of his own life. Renton now lives a boring life with his grandfather in a small town. Until one day he joins Gekkostate with his hero Holland who is a champion lifter and leader of Gekkostate. His journey then begins!

This is by far one of my favourite anime’s over the 24 ep mark.
It gives great development to it’s character, beautiful artwork and a story you can get lost in.It really skips between genres and really opens up your eyes.

It also has a sequel which follows the same style of story though to go into details would be a spoiler on my part ☺

Ja mata ne!
See you later!