Pokemon Go Plus Grinding

So this is the long awaited and hard to secure Pokemon Go Plus. 

Had to preorder around 2 months ago with EB Games Australia to get this back boy. 

So thoughts:

Concept great, happy it tracks steps,  great companion which helps with battery life,  you are also more social now due to not having your phone out 24/7.

Problem is its pretty buggy to connect. I can deal with all the other things with Pokemon Go though this takes the cake. 

First finding the thing is hard on the app once you click the button. After that it must vibrate. I have found a 70/30 percent chance of connecting first time, otherwise have fun with turning off the Bluetooth, force closing the app and forgetting the Bluetooth connection and starting again! 

Ok rant over. 

Saying that when its working it is pretty amazing,  in CBD Melbourne this thing does not stop flashing and vibrating which means it looks like I need to touch my wrist every 20 seconds. Meh who cares what people think aslong as I am levelling. 

Results are pretty amazing with the rate of Pidgey, Ratatta and spearow captures through the roof. 

Interesting note is that spawn rates of particular pokemon got a mass increase. Interesting as I have caught alot of Pokemon I only had 1 of and now I have 7 or so,  Kangaskhan is the most prevalent. 

Since getting the go I have jumped back into full play mode again after a few months of half ass playing. 

Now on 24, almost 25 and Pokedex is pretty healthy. I haven’t visited nests or anything,  all my play is during my normal daily activities. 

Overall this is a great addition if you play hard though still want to actually talk to people. My wife is so happy I am not glued to my phone now! 

Hope this helps!